Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Reflections 1

Following are some of my short writings, which due to their format, could not be devoted separate pages. I had earlier posted them in series form on my Facebook page: Amit's Notebook. This is the first part.

1) E-books, one of the remarkable innovations of modern technology, have made the life of scholars, readers, students so much easier today. They are quite handy so that you can carry several books with you wherever you go, without any inconvenience. While at office and home, they do save the space that you would have otherwise allotted to paper books. You can also share them with others without any hesitation or reservations. And of course, e-books do reduce the burden on our environment. But there is more to it. Demonstrators and protesters who prefer to show their displeasure by burning copies of books would also find it convenient. Simply download the book that is the object of your hatred, make copies -- and keep deleting them from your device. Simple. No wastage of paper.

2) Excellent time management skills are essential for success in any sphere of life. My colleague told me of a politician who went on a hunger strike --- he started after breakfast and ended before lunch.

3) It seems that every Indian considers himself to be more Indian than every other Indian.

4) This is a perfect democratic state. The degree of freedom an individual enjoys here is probably the highest in the world. Anyone can kill anybody over just anything.

5) God does love you. He has not left you alone. He would never put you in a predicament from where you cannot come out safe and secure. Did you not read the news where a man was run over by an ambulance?

6) Some people have to die to let others know that they were alive.

7) I saw in the news -- the leader gave a great speech. So many people came to see him. Such a fabulous audience, such a big crowd. So much unemployment.

8) Considering the rate of paan intake and of spitting it out, how many years would it take for the Earth to be designated as Red Planet?

9) I look forward to the day when people would find it hard to believe that anyone ever died of cancer.

10) Conversation between two computer scientists:-
-- You know, C is just wonderful!
-- Matlab?
-- BASICally, C is IDL. I mean, C is a PERL, a RUBY.
-- You could say that to someone in JAVA or JAKARTA. But here, C is called a PYTHON. Always eating and sleeping.
-- That's an AWKward thing to say!

photo credit: Just another saturday morning ! via photopin (license)


  1. Interesting writings. Along with these writings you can also draw cartoons, thus combining both of your creativities.

    1. Thanks for the nice suggestion Bhavik. In fact, yesterday only I have made cards for the new writings. These would be posted on the Facebook page: Amit's Notebook, and shared accordingly. Please check and let me know if that looks better. But yes, for satire, cartoons would be more appropriate, as you say.

  2. bahut shi kaha amit ji ... specially 10th point is very good, I work on C and still it is PYTHON for me too

    1. Our professor used to say that after completing his course, we should be able to even talk in C. A true C programmer always ends the sentences with a semi-colon :-)

  3. The 7th one sounds Chekovish.....

    1. My friend Morthekai says that it looks like a Haiku.

  4. Interesting..........................but always reading hard copy makes me more touching of the book.....................but environmental issues.........................

    1. Sure. Still another issue is that of storage and preservation. The problem is greatly felt by people who have jobs involving frequent transfers.