Tuesday, 8 December 2015


By Ritesh Kumar Mishra*

Open your fount​

to mount the mount
of shame, selfishness, and want
to rain the daunt
of dint, mint, and quaint1

Open your fount

to reign the train
of guilt, pain, and strain
to stain
the nectar, narcissism, and Nestor2

Open your fount

to pat
the grime, mire, and sublime
to gestalt3
the sweat, sweet, and salt
Open your fount

to muscle
the tussle, hustle, and bustle
to marvel
the make, break, and keepsake

Open your fount

for a drop
of rain, paean4, and a mouthful of sky​.

1 quaint:    attractive, unusual or old fashioned  
2 Nestor:   king of pylos famous for his wisdom and longevity​
​3 gestalt:   an organised whole that is more than the sum of parts
4 paean:    a song of praise and triumph

* Dr. Ritesh Kumar Mishra works at the NASA Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas, USA.

photo credit: gmeador Tree at Eufaula Pond via photopin (license)

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