Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Reflections 2

Following are some of my short writings, which due to their format, could not be devoted separate pages. I had earlier posted them in series form on my Facebook page: Amit's Notebook. This is the second part.

1) Never boast of your knowledge. You may be a post-graduate in Hindi. But if you change your reference frame to Tamil, you might be considered an illiterate.

2) Yes, time is money. The time-money-equivalence is nowhere more apparent than in book-reading. Earlier I had time, but no money. Now I have money, but no time.

3) Vocational training is a highly effective measure for eradicating unemployment and aiding the youth in achieving self-reliance. The government has taken steps to harness this alternative for job assurance. Now my son carries 5 more books in his school bag. Perhaps he would be a coolie.

4) Eating Maggi once in a while is fine, just for a change. But it should not be consumed on a daily, regular basis. Don't be fooled by its glamorous look and delicious appeal. It does not contain any nutrients; one feels full, but never satiated, and gains very little. It is hazardous to health due to certain ingredients, which are some of factors leading to high blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments.

Much like social-networking sites, you see…

5) Internet has offered us several ways to express ourselves, our likes and dislikes. Facebook, in particular, has made it so easy to express our admiration and approval of any content, and also to let others know of what we like. But internet hasn't reached the whole population yet; even among those connected, not all are on Facebook. Several people still follow the traditional way of letting the whole world know of their taste in music...

6) When my neighbour was a child, like all of us, he too was told by his teacher to speak out every word, every table, every answer several times so that he could commit the material to memory. She seems to have forgotten to tell him when to stop. He still uses the same formula...even while listening to music...

7) This Diwali, O my Lord! Dispel the darkness of my ignorance, and give me strength to tolerate the noise and bear the smoke.

8) Friends become foes, enemies become friends. When friends become enemies, we call it backstabbing. In fact, when enemies treat us nicely, they too are acting against what we expect of them, and thus are being dishonest. Perhaps dishonesty is a characteristic of human beings. On this day, I surrender on Your Feet this dishonesty, which has become our identity, our personality. Make me true and pure. Today and everyday. (An Eid Prayer)

9) As any scientist would tell you, some experiments, though started with the best of intentions, can go terribly wrong. God created human beings, some of them became politicians.

10) My organisation has provided me a beautiful accommodation. In the quarters there is a handicraft image of Jesus made by wood, an idol of Buddha in marble, a Durga statue in clay. And there are books, several of them, and of diverse themes and subjects. Clothes are few, but books are in plenty. Language dictionaries, literature, philosophy, popular science, history, biographies, lots of them in each category. They are piled on table, chair, shelved in cupboards, in racks, some lie on my working table, at least one in my bag. I sleep outdoors.

photo credit: Gone with toughts via photopin (license)

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  1. One clarification-cum-disclaimer: My neighbouring quarter is vacant. So note number 6 refers to nobody in particular.