Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Reflections 3

Following are some of my short writings, which due to their format, could not be devoted separate pages. I had earlier posted them in series form on my Facebook page: Amit's Notebook. This is the third part.


1) Heart-wrenching chorus cries of birds woken up from deep slumber. Fireworks have started. Someone's celebration brings agony to others.

2) You talk of industrial and vehicular pollution, and label contribution from festivals as insignificant. Just because Ebola and Cancer are more deadly, shouldn't I get my 'smaller' ailments treated?

3) I am not a God-fearing person. I had never been. It is the devotees that scare me.

4) A lamp flickers towards its end. A batsman hits the ball hard when the innings-end is approaching. Could a person put in all the available strength to the attainment of goal, when the journey of life is nearing its end. Acting thus, instead of dropping down the tools.

5) You complain about darkness and ask me to illuminate. What help would my switching on the lights bring if your lamp is fused? What help would a repair or replacement of the lamp do if there is a power failure? Ignorance could have different origins.

6) The only real secular person is a government employee -- who derives enormous happiness from the List of Holidays. It does not matter at all whether it is Eid or Diwali, Christmas or Guru Parab.

7) Modern communication technology -- from internet to mobile phones, to smartphones -- are a curious phenomenon. Those who were distant have become closer; those who were closer have moved afar.

8) I am looking forward to become an expert on Gujarat model. I am using an atmospheric model to study aerosol properties over Gujarat region…

9) Whenever I come across people who are very humble and polite, and highly learned, I ask of myself: were they able to learn so much because they were humble and polite, or are they humble and polite because they are so highly learned.

10) A teacher holds the class together, comprising of students from different social and cultural backgrounds, of different capacities and abilities; and leads and prepares them to development and progress. How come the teachers don't become our leaders? If a required qualification be set for the leader of a nation, it should be this.

photo credit: Sweet nowhere via photopin (license)

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