Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Reflections 6

Following are some of my short writings, which due to their format, could not be devoted separate pages. I had earlier posted them in series form on my Facebook page: Amit's Notebook. This is the sixth part.

I am truly overwhelmed by the charity and humanity of people. All are eager to serve their fellow human beings, and uplift the poor condition of their people. So often it involves fighting with others who are equally eager for human betterment. In the process, misery and torture await for the creatures who have to go through this dark phase so that they could one day see true happiness and joy.  How very consoling, what a comfort! How could one lose trust in the kindness of human heart, while witnessing such eagerness and mutual competition to serve humanity in a better way than rest of others?

Life is like a Hindi movie -- almost always has a happy ending. Cheer up and enjoy the songs...

One admirer asks me how to kindle this creative fire within. I suggest him -- Spend one winter in U.P. without a blanket, and you would find one.

Still I could not find train reservation. Now I seriously think that letting the British into India was not a very good idea after all.

How could our ancestors be so superstitious? I mean, such illogical and unscientific explanations for natural phenomena! At least they should have read Resnick and Halliday...

People still cross railway-crossings, smoke, make cities dirty, fight, harass women. People would continue with their habits, however much you teach them, educate them, instruct them. Somehow we refuse to be civilized.

My daughter Snigdha got ill.
Doctor said, ”Change her name to Ananya, she would be alright”.
(Context : Changing names of cities -- Bombay -> Mumbai, Madras -> Chennai, Calcutta -> Kolkata, Gurgaon -> Gurugram, Shimla -> Shyamala...)

With Mary Kom in Rajya Sabha, we look forward to more discipline and order in the parliament.

Ever since I started cooking my food myself, I understood the true meaning of Freedom and Democracy.

In this whole world there is only one who would suffer any loss when I am no more. And that is Facebook!

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  1. good observation .. can you explain little more point 5

    1. It is a satirical note. "Resnick and Halliday" refers to a very popular Physics book. In simple and straight words, this note means "We should not judge people of the past by standards of the present" (this particular quotation is by Prof Rajmohan Gandhi).

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sir. I am happy that you liked it.