Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Reflections 7

Following are some of my short writings, which due to their format, could not be devoted separate pages. I had earlier posted them in series form on my Facebook page: Amit's Notebook. This is the seventh part.

Electricity first. Roads next. Everything else later.

Religion and science are perfect collaborators. Religion divides and grows strife; science provides ammunition to kill and mutually destroy.

Imagine for a moment that instead of travelling from Colombo to Almora, and London to Chicago, Swami Vivekananda delivered his addresses through video conferencing. Science and technology could have applications far more than intended.

Gmail is just wonderful! Every message and its innumerable replies get stacked together, bringing order to the conversation and the inbox. Now you can delete all those mails just by a single click.

“The year Galileo died, Newton was born;
The year Maxwell died, Einstein was born”;**
The year Heisenberg died, Amit Misra was born.

… perhaps that is why life is so full of uncertainties...

(** the first two lines are from Arthur Beiser.)

India is a diverse country, still there are certain festivals that all people celebrate with equal passion irrespective of their cultural or religious identities -- Holi, Onam, Garba, assembly elections...

Yes, your Guru led you to God. But it was God who helped you to find your Guru. A classic example of recursion.

God doesn't have a mother, hence sleeps in an ocean of milk. Nobody to tell to drink milk before going to sleep. Nobody to wake up in the morning.

Vivekananda told me -- Don't weep or complain. It doesn't look good. Instead, do something about it.
Ramakrishna told me -- Two rotis and a bowl of daal, that is all you need.
Aurobindo told me -- Come in the sun. It is warm here.
Ramana told me -- Don't play too long. Come home soon.
Krishnamurti told me -- Just watch.

You are my teachers. You are my fathers. You are my best friends. Thanks for staying with me...always.

What we are today is because Ram Mohan Roy, Vidyasagar, and Gandhi were not too occupied with the image of the nation. They wanted to honestly and truthfully build a strong and beautiful society for the world to see and follow.

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